Transcending our Limitations (2015)

I have been photographing dancers and performers since I discovered an interest in the relationship between the human body and psyche while attending art school in New York City. In this new series, I have tried to represent human energy (whether we call it drive, libido, will or qi[ki]) becoming free from various physical constraints, in order to highlight this energy. As the models moved, I photographed the moments when their energy and various constraints created an interesting dynamic.

In the photo sessions, a dance technique called contact improvisation was used to create the continuous movements of the models.  A choreographer and I asked the models to move their bodies extremely slowly with the constraint that they had to maintain points of contact with each other at all times. Because the models are naked, the energy released thorough their movements as they struggle with the imposed constrains is more tangible.

The limitations of the human body, gravity, space, time, words, otherness, and social norms these are all constraints. To live is not only to find physical freedom from these constraints, but also to liberate ourselves from our limitations. In this project, I attempted to make visible the fundamental human energy that allows us to transcend ourselves.

Interview featured on Fotografia (pdf)